Who needs boys? When I had the sweetest best bitches. Esp, @rchlltclg & @nicolewesome_. *including @avengerap, @Gracshaa_, @Janleee/@lanebulan, @mevie_rose* No words can express how much thankful I am for everything you’ve all done for me either good or bad. I feel blessed to have you all part of my life and no words can also express how much I love you guys. We’ve all been through a lot, ups and downs. Lessons learned! Yet our friendship still remains firm & strong… Efforts are priceless especially when it comes from the one you love the most, I appreciate it so much. I’ll truly treasure this priceless gift & our friendship in my heart will always remain. I’m so speechless when you gave me this because I didn’t know that someone will exert so much effort just to made my day memorable. I miss you girls! Iisipin ko nalang na kasama ko kayo habang binabasa ko yan exactly on my day. Take care! Mwa. 😚💋💕

Ps: Advance birthday gifts/efforts from my best bitches, 04/12/14. 👭😋💗

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